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Straight Flip Top Sippy Cup

Straight Flip Top Sippy Cup

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20oz Straight Sippy Cup with flip top with lid, ready for sublimation or epoxy resin application. 


General Pressing Tips:

*Do not bake in oven with lid as the lid will melt.

Convection Oven: Tightly tape image around tumbler leaving no air pockets. Slide tumbler into heat wrap and use heat gun to right around tumbler, or insert into oven as-is and let hot air tighten it. If your oven is smaller, bake between 375-400 for 4-6min.

(Please take your ovens cooking habits into consideration and adjust time/temp up or down as needed)

Tumber/Mug Press: Tightly tape image around tumbler leaving no room for air pockets. Place tumbler in press and bake between 385-400 for 40-45sec. Turn tumbler over and repeat. Do this until tumbler is completely pressed if using a mug press and not tumbler press. 

Note: Heat Press Tips are just suggestions and individual heat presses should be taken into consideration.

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